The Cycle of Identification to Investments – Simplified and Uni-Platformed
With smart & aspiring young minds, the best way to show your capabilities is to start right now. Choosing a road less travelled by for creating solutions for the next billion is difficult. At WeC Minds we believe that Entrepreneurship should be a career option which enables you with a lifetime ability to solve problems with a deeper impact. At WeC Minds, we Identify sharp & innovative minds and map it with your personalities & then align it with your Innovative ideas/Business solutions (impacting issues of scale) to empower you with learning’s which helps you to take many important decisions in most adverse situations. We have designed the worlds’ First “Entrepreneurial Acumen Assessment Test (EAAT)” to assess the best personality traits of entrepreneurship which identifies your weaknesses, threats amongst you & your team so that you can have a better approach for the execution of your idea. We expose you to the critical truths of the start up eco system via an learning session where you interact with some of the most valuable people in the Startup world, followed up with a benchmarking process of Academic Gurus. We enable your learning curve better so that you can showcase your products/services to the world & maximise your chance for getting Investment.